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When you choose a Minneapolis commercial lawn care company for your business or housing units, you want a full-service company with years of experience and a dedication to cultivating a well-groomed, attractive landscape and beautiful outdoor spaces that clients can enjoy.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, you can rest assured that we will improve your lawn and maintain it in the weed-free, lush state that you’ve always wanted.




Accurate Lawn Service Solutions

Commercial Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
With AccuLawn Minneapolis, you’ll receive an affordable, reliable commercial lawn service that you can depend on, so you can spend your time being productive and attending to your business – all the while knowing that your business appearance is top-notch and giving a first-class impression to clients and residents.
You can avoid the expense and hassle of owning, maintaining, and repairing yard tools and equipment. We’ll take care of all your yard maintenance and chores, leaving you out of the heat, humidity, and bugs. Just enjoy a finely manicured lawn that reflects the respect your establishment deserves.

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AccuLawn Minneapolis has provided outstanding lawn services to a variety of business and commercial properties, including:
  • Apartment Buildings and Townhomes
  • Large Corporate Campuses
  • Public Institutions
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Retail Shopping Malls
  • Office Complexes
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
Below you’ll find a list of our wide range of affordable services, which we offer to clients in Minneapolis, Northeast, South Mpls, Richfield, Bloomington, Edina, Plymouth, and any city inside the 494 loop.

Reliable Weekly Mowing Service

We’ll keep your grass neatly mowed, create clean edges around your lawn, trim around all your landscaping features, and clean up debris from your sidewalks and driveway, and we’ll do this on a regular weekly schedule that you can depend on.

Our extensive experience and professional quality equipment enables us to complete the job efficiently to save you money. It’ll surprise you how inexpensive professional lawn care can be, especially after seeing the quality of our work. We pride ourselves in always leaving a customer satisfied.

Sod Installation And Damaged Lawn Repair

Our skilled technicians can create a thick, luscious lawn for you by installing quality sod, or by over-seeding damaged areas of you lawn to restore it to its natural beauty. Our turf care experts understand the needs of your lawn, and will plant the types of grass that would provide the most benefit to damaged areas of your lawn.

Why settle for anything less than a beautiful, inviting yard? We can take care of all your lawn care needs.

Spring And Autumn Cleanups

The cleanup after the winter snows melt can be back breaking and time consuming for homeowners. Your time is better spent on doing the things you enjoy.

We’ll take care of it for you! We will also remove all the leaves and debris from your lawn to prepare your lawn to survive the cold winter. These services will ensure that your lawn can survive the harshest extremes of weather that we are all too familiar with in Minnesota.

Dethatching, Aerating, And More

We provide a wide range of lawn care services to ensure that your lawn remains healthy. These services include power raking, aeration, dethatching, and more. Most homeowners do not own the specialized equipment that is necessary to do the job right.

Our skilled technicians are equipped with the highest quality tools and equipment to be able to meet all your lawn’s seasonal requirements. These low-cost services will protect the health of your lawn and encourage its quick growth.

Regular Fertilization Services

In order to look its best, your lawn needs to be properly fertilized during the growing season. Doing this right requires professional training and experience. Every property has unique soil conditions, so no single fertilizer is able to meet the needs of every lawn.

We’ll use the right fertilizer for your soil conditions, and apply it on a schedule that best supports the development and growth of your lawn. We’ll partner with you to develop an affordable fertilizing schedule, and if you’d prefer, we can offer organic fertilizer options too.

Weed Control Services

Noxious plants, such as dandelions, creeping charlie, crab grass, and many others, can ruin the entire appearance of your lawn, and compromise its health. Weeds are pertinacious, and keeping your lawn weed-free is a constant struggle.

Our top-rated lawn care company has the knowledge and experience to keep weeds at bay, and your lawn healthy. We’ll used environmentally safe products that are approved for residential use, that are correctly applied by our trained technicians.

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Commercial property owners in the Twin Cities can also take advantage of our proven expertise for the lawn maintenance of your property. Whether you own an apartment building, medical clinic, to a large office complex, we have the ability to provide top-quality lawn care services for you. Contact us for a quote today, if your goal is to have a healthy, beautifully landscaped lawn.

Our many satisfied customers tell us that our team has made all the difference for the beauty of their properties. They are discovering that improving the appearance of their properties helps to improve the morale and motivations of their employees. A perfectly manicured lawn instills a sense of pride in everyone involved with the company.

The Twin Cities’ Most Reliable and Professional Commercial Lawn Care Provider

We are fully licensed and carry complete liability and compensation insurance. We use only environmentally safe materials and use techniques designed to protect the delicate fabric of the ecosystem. You can rely on our responsible landscaping team to make your lawn one of the most attractive in your area.

Our courteous, professionally uniformed crews pride themselves in on-time arrival for the maintenance of your lawn. Our equipment is well-maintained, and are the quietest available. We’ll complete the job quickly and efficiently, on an agreed upon schedule. And we’ll leave your lawn pristine, with no debris or other evidence that we’d ever been there left behind, save for an immaculate lawn that you can only achieve with professional care.

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You deserve to have a lawn that is beautiful and inviting. Our top-rated company is proud to work with you to achieve that goal. Our experience is the best guarantee of results, and our professionalism is your assurance that you’ll always receive the expert and trusted service that you demand.

Call us today at (612) 688-3098 for a no-obligation evaluation, and an annual lawn care proposal. We’d love to add your name to our long list of satisfied customers.

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